Measurement of Earth’s magnetic field experiment



Measurement of Earth’s magnetic field experiment


            1. Needed equipment


Two phones with I generation Android operating system or newer and installed application for data recording – Icarus


2. Method of measurement


We will use high altitude balloon which will climb up to a height of 30 km and after  bursting it will descend safely to the ground. One of the phones will be located on the balloon payload and will record in every second the readings of the Earth’s magnetic field. The other one will do the same with the difference that it will be at rest on the ground.



            3. Theory


The Earth’s magnetic field with approximation can be regarded   as a field of magnetic dipole:





Fig. 1 Earth’s magnetic field

Credit: Paleoclimatology – Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary, Raymond S. Bradley,

isbn-13: 978-0-12-124010-3


Both devices measure the three components of the Earth’s magnetic field. Depending on their orientation in space, the measured three components may not meet the three real components of the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnitude of the field does not depend on which of the three components are measured??? Three components that are measured and is calculated in the following way:




Where the coordinates x’,y’,z’ are the cordinates of the phone which is on the baloon payload, x,y,z are the coodinates of the phone, which is on the ground . After the measurements are taken we will build time series of the magnetic field B(t) – for every phone and will make comparative analysis between the results. It’s expected to notice difference in the bechaviour of both graphs due to the difference in the heights of the measurements







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